President's Welcome




Welcome to the Naval Military and Air Force Club, our club was established in 1879 as an officer’s club, but over the past 137 years it has evolved from an officer’s club, to a gentlemen’s and officer’s club to the present day when it is a ladies, gentlemen’s and officer’s club. The Club has continued this evolution process to meet the needs of our members without losing our traditions or customs.

Our Club provides a facility where members can enjoy fine dining in the Colonel Downs dining room or convivial social interaction in the bar. Our business and industry members find our values and traditions are attractive and serve their need in a gentleman’s club that provides excellence in service and surroundings.

The Club holds many functions both military and business, all club members are encouraged to attend any of our functions whether they have a military background or not. Many members utilise the club to hold business meetings or organisation seminars and private functions.

The club originally was intended as a ‘home’ for officers to relax with their colleagues and friends and this is a tradition we are proud to continue today and the board is working towards being relevant and responsive to our Members.