The Club

Our Club began in 1879 when Colonel Francis Downes, the then Commandant of the State Defence Forces, formed the Militia Officers' Club of South Australia.

The location was the old barracks behind the present State Public Library, and its function was to provide an infrastructure for the education of the officers in the State in military matters, by lectures and by the establishment of a library.  It also provided social functions for Members.

In 1894, the name of the Club was changed from the Militia Officers' Club of South Australia to the Naval and Military Club of South Australia to encourage a wider range of membership.  It was not until 1943 that "Air Force" was added to our name.

After a number of location changes, the Club purchased its present fine accommodation in 1956 and began operating from these premises in 1957.  The membership has continued to grow.  The Club is proud of over 130 years of service to its members.