14 Dec 17

Military History | Cruise Missile Campaign

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Cruise Missile Campaign // The Story of the V1’ with a Twist
Guest Speaker: John Brydon

The sight of Tomahawk cruise missiles tracking down the freeway into Baghdad at low level during the Second Gulf War brought Cruise Missiles into our living rooms. Along with drones, these weapons have played a key role in recent conflicts. Less well known among contemporary generations is that arguably the most effective cruise missile campaign was the first - the German V1 'Flying Bomb' / 'Doodle Bug' “Blitz Mk 2’ against the UK in WW2. London, the epicentre of the Allied War effort, suffered by far the greatest incidence of attack by these cheap and effective weapons.

John Brydon will present an analysis of V1 development and deployment, beginning with a review of the Luftwaffe's conventional bombing campaign against Britain 1940-2, and the genesis of Nazi Germany's 'Vengeance' weapon programs. John's presentation will address V1 testing and development, culminating in the campaign against Britain from June 1944 to March 1945. Allied intelligence insights, defensive and counter-measures will also be examined, complemented by a commentary on the average Londoners’ experience of this bombing and their memories of specific impact incidents. John Brydon is a retired consulting engineer, born in South London to parents who lived there throughout World War 2 and who had experienced the V1 campaign at first-hand. He has a background of designing medical and communications equipment in the UK and Australia, and managing design teams working in those areas.

Time: 1800 Lecture; 1900 Dinner
Dress: Jacket and Tie
Price: $55.00 Lecture and Dinner; $10.00 Lecture only
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