14 Dec 17

Bob Kearney Book Signing

'Raid on Celtic Wood' (Pre-Military History)
Thursday, 14 December 2017 at 1730 hrs

Bob Kearney, OAM recently launched his latest book ‘Raid on Celtic Wood’. He has agreed to conduct a book signing at the Club’s December Military History evening. You do not need to be attending the Military History Night to take advantage of this opportunity. Regulars at the Club’s popular Military History evenings may recall that Bob was our inaugural speaker in the current very successful series, who presented his research that formed the basis of this book, a topic he had been researching for more than ten years.

Celtic Wood was the location of an incident that took place on the Western Front on 9 October 1917, involving South Australia’s own 10th Battalion. The ill-fated raid managed to morph into history as ‘one of the greatest mysteries of the AIF’. Bob’s research has unwound many of the myths and gives a full account of this ill-starred trench raid. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for Club Members to acquire a personalised copy of a book that has already assumed its place as a key addition to the store of information about the men and units of the 1st AIF, from a highly regarded author and researcher.

Bob’s previous works include ‘Crossfire’ (5RAR in Vietnam), ‘Silent Voices’ (10th Battalion AIF) and ‘Fallen Saints’, (a detailed chronicle of students and teachers of St Peters College who served in the Great War). Bob is currently working on a comprehensiv
e Military History of South Australia.

To enable smooth conduct on the night, and to ensure sufficient stock is on hand, Members are invited to submit a pre-order. Please place your order via email to member.services@navmil.org. Books are $39.95 ea.